Our employer wellness solutions include digitally enhanced services via our online platform and mobile apps.
Discover how we can help your company lead employees toward optimal health and performance.



Our easy to follow self-assessments help point employees towards the most appropriate training plans and exercises for their training history, level and objective. All fitness, strength, and body composition data can be recorded and easily tracked across a period of time to monitor progress. 


The performance & fitness specialists at AXSOM have created a library of proven training plans, which are available for employees to view, scheudule and complete – all from their mobile phone. Movement preparation, plyometric/med ball training, strength, and energy systems development are all key components of our performance plans. Exact repetitions, sets, tempo and rest is provided for each goal specific workout, in addition to exercise demonstrations and step by step instructions for each exercise. 


Our team is available to answer any questions from morning to night. Our in-built communication platform enables us to respond effectively to all quieries, with access to employee training and nutrition data where required. Our App syncs directly with many popular fitness tracking Apps such as MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, RunKeeper and more, so that all training & nutrition information is centralised and easily accessible for tracking and monitoring.


Our extensive exercise and training plan libraries makes it easy for employees to make exercise substitutions or plan adjustments on the fly. Most importantly – Although employees have immediate access to demonstration videos and detailed instructions, and all from the one mobile App.. we are just a quick message away for any issues, questions or concerns.

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